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3 Ways to Make Money on Social Media

So What’s up? Amazon recently updated its affiliate/influencer program. Before only successful YouTubers could include amazon links in the description of their videos. This gave them the opportunity to make a commission on the product they were advertising. Now amazon has opened up these services to more people, as well as offering them for twitter…
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How Peter Mckinnon gained over 1 million subscribers in under 1 year!

Peter McKinnon is a big upcoming name in the YouTube industry. We’ve watched him grow from 200k subscribers to over 1.5 million! This video by Paddy Galloway illustrates exactly how Peter McKinnon did it. THE START Peter started off doing vlogs, or video blogs, which didn’t lend him much traction in keeping viewers attention. His…
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Winning YouTube Video Formula!

Derral Eves released his proven YouTube formula this past week. This formula is important for us all to understand, content creators and editors alike. Many of you may struggle with how you should organize your video. Derral lays it out in a simple easy to understand formula. VIDEO FORMULA Hook: This should be 5-10 seconds…
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