Monthly Plans


If you are interested in our monthly video editing package you might have some questions. Hopefully this page can answer most of them. If you need any further assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out.


You Film

Film your videos. We recommend filming your videos a month in advance to stay ahead of schedule. It helps to film all of your videos on one day, or block out a week for filming.


Send Us Your Footage

Upload your footage to a google drive or dropbox folder and email us the link to the folder. Once we have the link we can download your footage remotely.


We Edit

Typically we ask for a month in advance to finish the videos. We add stock music, sound effects, titles, intro’s, outro’s, Stock footage, and more! 


Finished Video Delivered

When your video edits are finished for the month we send them back to you through the google drive or dropbox link. 

Video Examples



YouTube Video Formula

The YouTube Video Formula is a huge part in being successful with this plan. By following the formula the process becomes extremely smooth on both ends of the process. This formula helps you write your scripts and stay structured.

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Film Videos On One Day

Setting up your studio can be a lot of work. A lot of the time we need to work on other things during the week. We recommend filming all 4+ videos in one day to save time filming each week. Your studio is already set up, and this leaves you the next week to write scripts or work on other projects.


Audio is King

Audio is king, buying a cheap lavalier microphone that plugs into your phone can be a game changer.


Is my Phone Okay?

Using your phone or a webcam is totally cool! Just make sure you have the proper settings. Highest resolution at 4k, 1080 and your frame rate set to 24 fps unless shooting for slow motion. Taking your phone off of auto white balance will help the colors too.



Lighting is it’s own beast. What we recommend is turning off any artificial light and getting closer to a natural light source. Window sun light is perfect. The window softens the harsh sun, but the sun still provides the high quality of light.


Have fun!

Don’t be scared, be yourself, and have some fun with it! People connect more with someone that can be authentic. This might take some time to get the hang of so don’t worry, be patient!



Film Your Videos 1 Month Ahead

Filming your videos a month in advance gives both of us the extra time we need to be ahead of schedule. Giving us a month to work on your footage provides a better result than rush jobs. 


Videos Under 10 minutes

Keeping your videos under 10 minutes helps us editors focus on the good parts of your content and spend more time making you look good.


Follow The YouTube Video Formula

The YouTube Video Formula is a huge part in being successful with this plan. By following the formula the process becomes extremely smooth on both ends of the process. This formula helps you write your scripts and stay structured. 

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Tyler is a rockstar! He never misses a deadline and has taken my business to the next level. He’s always up for a new challenge and has the best attitude in the business! If you want to work with someone who will make your job easier, tube edits is your place!

Auntie Tay

200k+ YouTube Subscribers

Tube Edits work has been incredible. His video editing skills have 2x my business. I would highly recommend for any business to use them.

Rescue Ronnie


I’ve worked with many videographers and editors over the years, I have to say Tyler’s one of the best. He has a unique eye to helping create the story for each video he puts his hands on. It takes true talent to produce the quality of video’s that he does. Like I’ve told Tyler before he’s an artist and it shows that he genuinely cares about every piece he’s involved with. I would highly recommend anyone looking to create a broader audience no matter the business to utilize he’s services.

Brad Askren



Our monthly packages are perfect for YouTubers, Realtors, Loan Officers, Businesses and more who need reccuring videos each week to promote themselves on social media. *raw footage under 10 minutes


Get our add ons at a discounted price when you sign up for our monthly plans!



per video


Free Stock Video

Sometimes you need an intro template, or some extra footage. That’s where Storyblocks stock video comes in. For super quick and easy intro videos we can grab you a template from videoblocks! Or if your video needs some extra footage, they have thousands of stock clips to choose from to help make your video look sweet!

Free Stock Audio

We’ve all experienced it, getting a copyright strike sucks! In order to monitize your videos, you need to own all the original content. With royalty free music, there is no chance of a copyright strike!

Cool Plug-ins

A good video editor can tell when somebody is using a certain software, or using gimmicky tricks. With cool plug-ins we can ensure each video is unique.

Quick Turnaround Times

We NEVER miss a deadline. We typically take about 1-2 days to complete a project.

A Dedicated Video Editor

We have multiple video editors on our team offering a variety of creativity and skill. You will be assigned a video editor to help edit your videos.

A Dedicated Account Manager

Videos need revisions. Our account manager will make sure the videos are held to the Tube Edits standard before being delivered to you. They are there to help answer any questions you have, and keep us on track.

Lower Thirds, Text Animations, and more!

Without motion graphics a video can be kind of boring. We add lower thirds, titles, transitions and more to spice up your video.

Video Proofing

Just like santa checks his list twice, we make sure our edits are held to a high standard before delivery.

2tb Upload Storage

If you don’t have a personal google drive or dropbox folder to upload and send us your footage, we have extra space that you can use!

On Screen Call to Actions (subscribe, like, etc.)

Call to actions help drive more clicks to the like button, subscribe, button, or even better your website! These can grow your channel and make your videos more entertaining.

No Contract (cancel anytime)

We know! Contracts aren’t fun for either of us. No worries, feel free to sign up and cancel anytime. If you’d prefer to have a contract we’d be happy to write one up for you.