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25% Off Video Editing Services

25% Off Video Editing Services

Thank you for stopping by! Today Tyler goes over our current limited time offer. This is perfect for full time YouTuber’s and those alike. For only $300 per month, ($100 off, 25% off, free edit per month whatever sounds better…

Why MULTICAM blew my mind

How to: Multiple Camera Angles in a Click (Adobe Premiere Pro)

Lightroom PRESET PACK: The Music I use: – AMAZING for YouTubers MY ENTIRE GEAR KIT: Colour Graded with my PM LUTS Pack : PM MERCH & COFFEE! : MY AMIBO! : My Super Awesome…

HOW TO: Fix Quiet Voice Over Audio (Adobe Premiere Pro)

HOW TO: Fix Quiet Voice Over Audio (Adobe Premiere Pro)

In this video we go over how to take advantage of the audio track mixer feature in premiere pro. We explain a couple techniques we use to help improve audio. Tip #1: Adding a multi-band compressor: This helps brings…

Annnnd… It looks like we’re in business!

Final test post (hopefully) for our Facebook Instant Articles feed. Yes, it’s a bit ugly at the moment. That can’t be helped. As soon as we hit full production feed of 10 articles, and pass Facebook’s review, we’ll delete these posts and start fresh. “Don’t hide it, divide it!” So of course, we will be…
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Facebook IA Test 4 – updated cards

So apparently there is a conflict with the cards settings. We’ll try these new settings and see if they work better.

Facebook IA Test post 3

Blah Plus more blah.

Facebook IA2 – Test Post

Another test post for Facebook Instant Articles review process.   Blah.  

Facebook Instant Articles Test Number 1

This is a test for Facebook Instant Articles publishing. Previous version failed under Beta parser. Still having issues with OG tags. More. This is only a test. Post number 1 of 10 for Facebook Review.  



Here at Tube Edits we know how to bring the party! For only $150 per video edit or $1500 per month, you get all this and more! Audio Enhancements Color Correction Text Sound FX Music Visual FX and more!…


A simple tutorial on how we edit our lyric videos quickly and professionally! Watch the full video: