•10+ years with YouTube •Serviced over 20+ clients in 2018 •Over 200+ videos produced in 2018 • Works with clients with over 200k Subscribers • Shadowed professional cinematographers


Here at Tube Edits we cover all of your video production and Photography needs!


Do you need help writing a script, planning out posting schedules, and getting on track? We got you!


Do you need help writing a script, planning out posting schedules, and getting on track? We got you!


Every video needs transitions, text, color adjustments and more. That’s where we come in handy! We pay for annually and monthly for services that help with your videos so you don’t have to.

Copyright Free & Royalty Free Music

We’ve all experienced it, getting a copyright strike sucks! In order to monitize your videos, you need to own all the original content. With royalty free music, there is no chance of a copyright strike!

Copyright Free Stock Video

Sometimes you need an intro template, or some extra footage. That’s where videoblocks comes in. For super quick and easy intro videos we can grab you a template from videoblocks! Or if your video needs some extra footage, they have thousands of stock clips to choose from to help make your video look sweet!

Sick Plug-ins!

A good video editor can tell when somebody is using a certain software, or using gimmicky tricks. With Red Giant’s plug-ins we can ensure each video is unique.



per video | per day



per video | per day

  • Editing
  • Filming


Our monthly packages are perfect for YouTubers, Realtors, Loan Officers, Businesses and more who need reccuring videos each week to promote themselves on social media. Our monthly packages include 4 videos per month.

Client Testimonials 

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Tube Edits did a project for us that was complex, had a tight deadline, and was critical as it required them creating a compilation news video for our use in landing the largest bank in the United States as a client. They did everything we asked of them and more, and we landed the client and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

John Lewis (President/CEO)


Tyler is a rockstar! He never misses a deadline and has taken my business to the next level. He’s always up for a new challenge and has the best attitude in the business! If you want to work with someone who will make your job easier, tube edits is your place!

Auntie Tay (200k+ Subscribers)


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Tube Edits work has been incredible. His video editing skills have 2x my business. I would highly recommend for any business to use them.

Rescue Ronnie (Realtor)


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I’ve worked with many videographers and editors over the years, I have to say Tyler’s one of the best. He has a unique eye to helping create the story for each video he puts his hands on. It takes true talent to produce the quality of video’s that he does. Like I’ve told Tyler before he’s an artist and it shows that he genuinely cares about every piece he’s involved with. I would highly recommend anyone looking to create a broader audience no matter the business to utilize he’s services.

Brad Askren (Entreprenuer)


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Amazing directing/filming skills, works quickly and efficiently, and we got an amazing, clean, professional product that was exactly what we wanted and more! So fun and easy to work with, I Highly recommend him!

Katie Hunt

A Summer Alive

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Tyler is the man! He delivers super high quality videos combined with his awesome creative insight. I absolutely loved the music video he created for my band and will go to him again in a heartbeat.

Kenny Seunarine

A Summer Alive

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Had Tube Edits do my photoshoot and Tyler is my favorite photographer to work with! Great quality, great service and a great experience! Will definitely be booking my next shoot with Tube Edits again!

Alex Lastra

Solo Musician

Professional quality and great attention to detail!

Alex Strobaugh

A Foreign Affair

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Thank you Tube Edits! You got my channel looking real professional now and ready for 2018!

Isreal Swan


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