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How to: Normalize your audio for YouTube | Premiere Pro 2022

Step 1: Right click the vocal audio track, and select “Audio Gain” – **Make sure you are right clicking the audio tracks and adjusting the audio gain for every clip. Step 2: Select the “Normalize all peaks to: 0db” option **** Additionally using limiters will help, on your vocal tracks, on your music tracks, and…
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What Does a Basic Video Edit Include | How Does it Work?

Intro Our basic video editing service is for music videos, lyric videos, YouTube videos, commercial videos, promo videos, real estate videos, green screen videos. Also video editing is technically a part of the broader video production process. This task is performed by a technician at a computer after the images are recorded, while video production…
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Winning YouTube Video Formula!

Derral Eves released his proven YouTube formula this past week. This formula is important for us all to understand, content creators and editors alike. Many of you may struggle with how you should organize your video. Derral lays it out in a simple easy to understand formula. VIDEO FORMULA Hook/Intro: This should be 5-10 seconds…
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