What Does a Basic Video Edit Include | How Does it Work?

What Does a Basic Video Edit Include | How Does it Work?


Our basic video editing service is for music videos, lyric videos, YouTube videos, commercial videos, promo videos, real estate videos, green screen videos. Also video editing is technically a part of the broader video production process. This task is performed by a technician at a computer after the images are recorded, while video production is the overall process carried out by a crew experts who collaborate to capture, process and edit images for the finished video. Any video edit you can think of, we can probably handle it. We specialize in versatility here at Tube Edits.

What Does It Include?

  • 1-10 minute completed video edit
    • Anything over 10 minutes will be an additional charge.
  • 1 revision per video *if necessary

How Does It Work?

  • You upload your footage to Google Drive
  • You send us any notes to go along with your video (timestamps, titles, sound effects, visual effects, specifics, etc.)
  • We download and edit your footage
  • We upload it back to google drive
  • You upload your video!


  • Raw footage must be under 30 minutes
    • Anything over 30 minutes will be an additional charge.


By using our services you will benefit from our vast library of plugins and experience. A professional video editor can add the extra little flare your video needs. Some videos are choppy, but we specialize in versatility and seamless editing.

Having a dedicated video editor can save you tons of time! Video editing takes hours! We speed up the process and cut out that step for you, saving you time to work on things that are more important!


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