Auto COPPA Scan Tool

Auto COPPA Scan Tool

There are new regulations set into place for YouTube by COPPA. If your content is considered to be created for kids under the age of 13, then your channel needs to acknowledged which videos if not all are targeted towards children. If not you could be charged over $40,000 per video!

As content creators this is quite an intimidating time for our channels. If you have stayed consistent and followed the YouTube terms and guidelines, which state anybody under the age of 13 cannot use the platform, then you should be in the clear.

My channel isn’t directly targeted towards children, but I’d hope some of them would watch some of my tutorials. That being said, I still felt a little uneasy due to the large price tag, so I sought out a quick solution to scan through my 100’s of videos.

The COPPA Classification Tool from the TubeBuddy extension works wonders! It scans 50 videos every 2 seconds, and gives you the data you need to determine the next step for your videos!


  1. Install the TubeBuddy Extension (
  2. Open Videos in Creator Studio
  3. Open Tube Buddy COPPA Center
  4. Auto Scan
  5. Filter your results

Hopefully your videos pass the test, and you don’t need to do any extra work. If not, it might just be best to remove those videos completely, or consider setting your channel for kids.

The video below guides you through the whole process quick and easy.

Hope we could help! Don’t get that fine! lol

Thank you for reading – Tyler Kidd

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