How Do Our Monthly Packages Work?

How Do Our Monthly Packages Work?


Our monthly package is perfect for YouTubers, real estate agents, businesses or anybody looking into getting into creating consistent videos.

How It Works

Whether you sign up for our editing package, or our filming and editing package, each includes 4 videos per month.

  1. 4 scripts
    • We write scripts, or you can
    • Our teleprompter makes it easy to read your script and look professional
  2. Film 4 videos per month
  3. We edit the footage
  4. You post and upload your finished video


  1. Video’s Filmed a month in advance
    • This could mean dressing up in a Santa suit in November
    • This helps us stay on track, and ahead of schedule
    • Very important, done by professionals in the industry

Why Do Monthly?

By doing our monthly plan you will save lots of money! Hundreds of dollars a month, and thousands per year! We are one of the few companies offering this service, and at a competitive price. Don’t miss this opportunity to lock in a low rate!

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