HOW TO: Fix Quiet Voice Over Audio (Adobe Premiere Pro)

HOW TO: Fix Quiet Voice Over Audio (Adobe Premiere Pro)

HOW TO: Fix Quiet Voice Over Audio (Adobe Premiere Pro)

In this video we go over how to take advantage of the audio track mixer feature in premiere pro. We explain a couple techniques we use to help improve audio.

Tip #1: Adding a multi-band compressor:
This helps brings the volume of every eq signal up making all of the audio louder without clipping your audio. Compression works really well with vocal sections that may be different in volume. For example, if you’re talking and then whisper, you wouldn’t hear the whisper, but is you compressed the vocal audio you would be able to hear all vocals at the same decibel level. This means all of your audio is consistent! Simply select the multi-band compressor from the drop down menu, and boost the decibel level from 0-8db and find a sweet spot.

Tip #2: Adding a Hard Limiter:
This works just like a compressor, but in the opposite direction. This also even’s of the volume levels of your track, but instead restricts the volume from peaking over a certain limit. This means you can boost the crap out of your compressor, throw a hard limiter on there, and you will have audio clipping, and louder audio. Simply select the Hard Limiter from the drop down menu, and either leave this setting at -0.10db or go slightly lower to -0.30db

Tip#3: Master Track:
It often helps to throw a hard limiter on the audio master track. This in fact is pretty essential consider your “master” audio track is the final audio everybody will hear, so it is a good habit to add a little extra buffer for audio clipping by adding this limiter.

It may also help to add a muti-band compressor on the master track but use it in good taste!

Always remember:
K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid!
I encourage, and hope to inspire you to use other tools within the audio track mixer. However, sometimes adding more effects may seem fun, but often it can be destructive. Try not to add to many unless that’s what you’re going for, and always remember to compare the original audio to ensure you’re being non-destructive.





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