Ultimate Beginner Video Tips 2019

Ultimate Beginner Video Tips 2019

Here at Tube Edits we get asked all the time, “how can I make my videos better?”

We have put together the ultimate beginner video playlist for you to check out!

This playlist is geared more towards videography as a whole, as opposed to what type of gear you use. Whether you use an iPhone or a decent camera, these tips should be helpful.

In this playlist is everything you need to know:

  • Lighting/Green Screen Lighting
  • Good Audio
  • Good Compostions/Framing/Headroom
  • and more!

Watch the videos in the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDr7Jn9m7TBOyh-xmR4EsPRKyfeLcrEqz



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