Winning YouTube Video Formula!

Winning YouTube Video Formula!

Derral Eves released his proven YouTube formula this past week. This formula is important for us all to understand, content creators and editors alike. Many of you may struggle with how you should organize your video. Derral lays it out in a simple easy to understand formula.


Hook: This should be 5-10 seconds of why your viewers should watch till the end of your video. (final shots of your product/creation, Somebody getting a cake in the face, a cool stunt, something funny)

Who: Tell your viewers who you are, where you’re from, and why they should listen to you

Ask: Ask your viewers to like your video, subscribe, and share.

Content: This is your main source of content, are you sharing new information? Making a tutorial? A vlog? A cover video? This is the bulk of your video.

Card: Wrap it up! Thank your viewers for watching, maybe another request for a like, subscribe, and share. Make sure to link something in the end screen and/or cards, such as a link to your website, an old video, a poll, a product, etc.

Full Video Here:


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